Rapid, cost-effective alternative to permanent cleanrooms

Establishing a permanent cleanroom facility can be a costly exercise. But visitors to Southern Manufacturing 2013 can take a look at a cost-effective alternative, thanks to exhibitor Connect 2 Cleanrooms.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms supplies modular design freestanding cleanrooms, which can be quickly and easily installed within existing production areas, tailored to suit the layout and space available. A certification level of ISO 24644-1 can be achieved with a much faster installation time than the conventional fixed room approach, and with the added benefit that it can be disassembled and relocated if needs change.

The latest version features a closed loop control system that can reduce energy consumption by 50%. It measures the level of contaminations in the air and will adjust the filter fan speed if there are less people and less contamination in the room. Temperature can also be controlled to reduce condensation, especially important for electronics.

Each cleanroom is delivered flat packed ready for assembly on-site. Experienced installation and validation engineers ensure that installation proceeds smoothly with the minimum of interruption to normal production.

To find out more about this novel solution, visit Connect 2 Cleanrooms at Southern Manufacturing 2013 or go to http://www.connect2cleanrooms.com/

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