Innovative CNC lathes from CMZ

CMZ Machinery Group has been making lathes since 1948. Today, it is one of Europe’s leading machinery manufacturers, producing high-quality CNC lathes from its factory near to Bilbao. At Southern Manufacturing 2013, CMZ’s UK branch will be making the slightly shorter journey to Farnborough to showcase its latest offerings, such as the TL 20 lathe.

Several features on the TL 20 lathe from CMZ come together to offer high standards of accuracy combined with high levels of productivity. An oil cooled spindle leads to high standards of roundness and surface finish on components

While the turret disk does not lift during clamp and unclamp. Instead, the turret is unclamped on retraction and is clamped on approach. This significantly reduces the chip to chip time. Time between adjacent tool stations is just 0.15 seconds and only 0.4 second to turn the turret through a full 180 degrees. The machine has a 22kW spindle and turned length of 640 mm. The maximum turned diameter is 400 mm with a bar capacity is 66 mm

To automate loading of chucking components, a robot gantry can be integrated with the machine controls. This can handle 10 kg parts. Dual grippers at the end of arm tooling ensure the minimum load/unload cycle time. As standard, there is a 14 station component handling work station. Alternatively the machine and robot may be conveyor fed as part of an automated multi-machine production cell.CMZ_tmb

Recent installations of the TL 20 include a gantry robot-fed facility running 24 hours a day at East Sussex manufacturer Nutberry, machining components for high technology pumps.

Visit the CMZ stand in the Machinery Area of Southern Manufacturing to see its machines in action or visit for more information.

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