CPR Zero has one of the smallest footprints available, says Japan Automatic Machine

When workfloor space is at a premium, a multi-purpose wire machine with a small footprint can optimise productivity. The CPR Zero (pictured) is an automatic, multi-purpose, dual-end processing machine and is claimed to have one of the smallest footprints on the market today. Available from Japan Automatic Machine, the CPR Zero’s functions include wire measuring and cutting, both end stripping, semi-strip, crimp and seal insertion. Servo presses are standard on both sides and crimp force monitoring, twist-flux solder units can be added, with the wires dip-tinned for accuracy.

There is also an integrated wire loop feeding unit, as well as detectors for wire run-out, wire overload, strip error, terminal run-out, terminal overload and seal insertion. Wires can be fed into the machine as barrels, Conipacks, or with an external wire feeding unit for cable reels. A placement and reject cut-off can be mounted on the machine for accurate placement and sorting of wires in batches. Output is up to 4,000 wires per hour for both end crimping and 2,500 wires for both end seal and crimp.

The company also offers the CIGM40E, a universal 40mm stroke press that accepts the company’s 40mm fine adjust and all other industry-standard mini applicators. This machine has an interlocked safety guard, foot pedal, work light, reel arm for left and rear feed applicators and inverter control for creeping speed. The compact crimping machine has a capacity of two tons and is suitable for industrial, consumer and automotive wire looms, crimping up to 6mm sq wires. Options include a crimp force monitor and terminal paper winding device. It operates on a single phase 8A power source.

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