Technology boosts CNC machine productivity control

Blum-Novotest preview edit_tmbShowing for the first time in the UK at Southern Manufacturing 2018, a range of Digilog technology offers CNC machine users a never-before imagined level of productivity control, says Blum Novotest, to develop the next generation of high-end CNC machining.

The manufacturer of measuring and testing technology will introduce advances in on-machine measurement. The Digilog family of products allows users to take the principal of automated control of the workpiece and tooling within the machine even further for the most advanced and accurate control within the machine, claims the company. Parts can be machined more accurately and the process can be continually monitored and adjusted to ensure higher rates of productivity.

At this year’s show the company will introduce the LC50-Digilog, claimed to advance tool measurement with even more functionality and measuring speeds. Learn about the innovative features at the company’s stand.

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