Design results in 360°, low light camera

ByteSnap Design_preview edit_tmbReporting a four-fold improvement in video processing performance, extended battery life and enhanced image quality, this 360° camera for low light environments is by Glorious Labs. Ahead of development, Southern Manufacturing 2018 exhibitor, ByteSnap Design, conducted a critical feasibility study, identifying core components as sensors and lenses. It then designed the architecture within a mechanically space-constrained, complex enclosure, encompassing lenses, battery and thermal solutions.

Also on the stand at this year’s show will be a Bluetooth Low Energy demonstration, with toy trains automated using a microcontroller as a working display of Bluetooth LE for object detection and tracking.

The consultancy has designed several of Bluetooth LE devices including asset / people tracking, environmental monitoring of equipment and support for VR through detecting the proximity of objects in the real world.

It is experienced in developing products based on chipset and module designs catering for different volume demands. Low power and battery devices demanding maintenance cycles in years can be demonstrated with these innovative designs.

There are also embedded Linux solutions to collect information and relay to local / cloud services. An embedded Linux project for teleprompter systems supplier, CueScript, will also be on the stand.

Meet ByteSnap Design on stand C135 or find out more at