Prepare for coolant CLP legislation

Wyseoil preview edit_tmbThe last 12 months has seen complex changes to formulate new metalworking fluids technology. Extending the product or emulsion life is one of the biggest challenges facing formulators, with certain biocides and fungicides coming under scrutiny and pressure on the use of boric acid-based products. The categorisation of formaldehyde releasing biocides within the Biocidal Products Regulation, and the increasingly restrictive labelling issues associated with components that control bacteria have pushed formulators to look at new methods to extend fluid life.

Wyse Oil will showcase a solution to these more challenging regulations at Southern 2018 with its range of cutting fluids which are both boron and formaldehyde-free. The Wysecut EnV5000 series has been developed for high-end industries, such as aerospace and automotive machining sectors, and also for general engineering applications where importance is placed on HSE requirements and operator exposure limits.

They can be used in a variety of CNC machine tools, water hardness areas and diverse material applications and have demonstrated excellent sump life stability with optimum cutting performance, claims the company.

Visitors to the stand can order a free of charge sample pack.

Slide over to Wyse Oil on stand M255 or visit to find out more