Power conversion and configurable PSUs

Power conversion and configurable PSUs

Demand for high-end power supplies that integrate high power and intelligent management has steadily increased in recent years, says Sunpower Electronics.

The specialist distributor offers Mean Well’s new HRPG-N enclosed power supplies series, offering high power density with 320% peak power capacity to meet those peak wattage requirements without having to design in more costly, higher power PSUs.

There is also a wide portfolio of products such as inverters, battery chargers and enclosed and external AC to DC, board mount, chassis mount or DIN Rail DC/DC converters on the stand.

Sunpower serves specialist industries such as robotics, medical, telecommunications, EVs, laboratory, security, energy storage, control and automation and professional audio. It also serves wider industrial applications that need power conversion or configurable PSUs.

Sunpower has over 28 years of trading and a team of experts ready to provide advice and product demonstrations.

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