Ineltek shares eye-popping e-paper displays

Ineltek shares eye-popping e-paper displays

Ineltek is the UK and Ireland division of Ineltek GmbH Group. It offers the latest in electronic innovation following three decades of expert-led solutions and a rich portfolio from specialised manufacturers.

The stand will include compact designs and demos from Swatch Group companies. There will be Micro Crystal and Renata Batteries’ new ultra-compact RTC C8 and Lipo batteries tailored for IoT and wireless applications.

There will also be Espressif’s new Wi-Fi 6 modules which are designed to elevate products with high-speed, efficient, reliable internet access. There is also SIMCom’s Cellular Connectivity solutions for the seamless communication networks essential for today’s connected world.

Visitors can experience the eye-popping vibrancy of the Spectra 6 e-paper displays from E Ink, for PoS and transport signage, says the company. Ineltek is also showcasing industrial applications powered by Raspberry Pi and the RP2040 and CM4 compute modules.

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