Interlink Electronics extends sensor manufacturing capabilities

Interlink Electronics extends sensor manufacturing capabilities

Following the acquisition of Calman Technology in Irvine, Scotland, Interlink Electronics now offers UK manufacturing capabilities and a wide range of products and services for automotive, consumer, home automation, industrial, medical, wearable and IoT applications.

Force sensors, rugged touch sensors, piezoelectric sensors, membrane keypads, electrochemical gas and environmental sensors are based on proven, proprietary technologies.

Interlink also offers force and piezoelectric sensors which are ultra-thin, durable, reliable, and low-cost. These characteristics make them suitable for human machine interface (HMI) touch applications, analogue data capture, sensor fusion and IoT devices.

The range also includes gas sensors, modules and instruments which are small, low power and cost effective for applications such as air quality monitoring, residential and industrial safety, water treatment, health and wellness. Recent additions of advanced digital, calibrated gas sensor modules and new sensors will be exhibited.

Interlink Electronics can also work with customers to develop bespoke and custom solutions with product design and integration services, from concept design to prototyping and manufacturing – P2P (prototype to production).

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