Halo Lasers makes its mark at Southern Manufacturing 2013

A variety of laser types are manufactured by Halo Lasers for the marking of metals, plastics, glass wood and other materials. There are a number of enhancements that can significantly improve the quality of the marking.

halo For example, multi-tone engraving allows for various ‘shades of grey’ to be engraved onto steel. This means that logos and motifs can be produced in an etching style that can create an artistic impression. Most materials can be engraved in multi-tone with best results achieved with fibre lasers, but any YAG style laser produces good results

Rotary laser engraving enables round parts to be marked with logo all the way round the part. This can be used for simple text or complex graphics. A resolution of 0.01 of a degree can be achieved using precision worm gear devices.

Using pulsed fibre lasers, deep impressions can be made. Digital scanning and imported files can be used to create the marking programmes.  Find out more by visiting Halo Lasers at Southern Manufacturing or go to http://www.halolasers.com/

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