Bowyer Engineering launches twin head 3D printer

Bowyer Engineering launches twin head 3D printer

This year’s show was the launch pad for a twin head 3D printer by Bowyer Engineering. It was designed for 3D printing in the aerospace sector for on-wing inspection equipment manipulators, placing dedicated sensors and probes in difficult or hard to get to places.

3D FDM printing machines used for the manufacture of components and assemblies, replicate the process barriers but the complex and intricate design of some of these parts highlighted some of the limitations of the current 3D printers available.

In addition to twin heads which can print singularly in copy and mirror mode. There are four interchangeable tools per head and the printer is multi-material capable. The printer is reliable, low maintenance and have low ongoing cost of ownership, says the company.

Target applications are printing, milling, drilling, laser engraving and inspection.

Bowyer Engineering