ActOn Finishing reduces production costs

ActOn Finishing reduces production costs

Claimed to reduce the roughness on parts by over 80% without side effects  and with the potential to reduce production costs by over 60%,  the DLyte and CHE finishing system from ActOn Finishing will be featured at the show. In addition, the finishing systems offer a high quality, repeatable process,

Both finishing machines have been designed to be the fastest surface finishing machines on the market. The CHE finishing machine is believed to be the only centrifugal high energy machine manufactured in Great Britain. The technology is 10 times faster than the traditional finishing methods and can be used to achieve a high surface finish, mirror finishing and removing of heavy manufacturing defects.

The DLyte machine is manufactured by Gpainnova, creates a homogeneous polishing across the surface, without grinding patterns and has the ability to process complex geometries without leaving micro-scratches on the surface.

Established in 1965, ActOn Finishing manufactures and designs a range of mass finishing, shot blasting and waste water treatment technology and consumables for use on a range of components, from medical implants to aerospace blades and Formula 1 components.

Visit ActOn Finishing at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2023 – Stand G170