Xcite 80E takes centre stage for Bystronic at Northern Manufacturing 13

The recently launched Xcite 80 E electrically driven press brake will be the centrepiece of the Bystronic stand at this year’s Northern Manufacturing Show.

Xcite_001_Press_6612_tmb The firm claims the electrically powered Xcite 80 E is capable of producing more parts and completing jobs in quicker time than other comparative press brakes, whilst using less power.
Not only is bending is faster than a hydraulic press brake, says Bystronic, but  the Xcite is also equipped with the Bystronic hydraulic tool clamping system for rapid set up times, flexible fast back gauge system, and very simple machine operation.

The Force Dynamic Drive (FDD) system provides speed, power and constant pressure along the entire bending length, whilst also ensuring that minimal deflections occur in both the upper and lower beam. The Xcite 80 E bends to within a top class tolerance of plus/minus 25 arc minutes and with a simply incredible repeatability of plus/minus 0.0025 millimeters. Behind the Force Dynamic Drive there lies the interaction between a special mounting of the lower beam and the unique drive system of the upper beam. Precisely formed parts are therefore completed quickly with consistently high quality, leaving on time due to the corresponding bending work being completed reliably. Optimal use is achieved when forming small and thin parts, but it is also adept at bending thicker parts, and also large batches with high speed, highlighting the machines versatility.

Bystronic UK is looking forward to 2013’s Northern Manufacturing Show with significant optimism, having secured orders after exhibiting at Southern and with the excitement of showing one of their most innovative new products to date. Bystronic UK managing director David Larcombe commented: "This machine, with its new touch screen control was certainly well named. Exciting it most certainly is, possibly the most exciting press brake I have had the pleasure of being involved in through my career to date".

See the Xcite 80E and other top-class metal processing solutions on the Bystronic stand,D56 or go to http://www.bystronic.com/