When the parts won’t FIT try SiC Marking’s technology

When the parts won’t FIT try SiC Marking’s technology

Laser marking manufactured components supports traceability and identification but as parts continue to increase in size, casting and pressing companies’ parts cannot fit into a standard sized Class 1 laser enclosure. To solve this, SIC Marking UK has launched Funnel Integrated Technology (FIT) which combines all of the necessary components and settings to mark larger parts in a simple, safe and economic way within the customer’s production line and budget.

The FIT tunnel encloses just the marking area and the compact design means it can be retrofitted into a robotic cell.

Supplied as a unnel style Class 1-compliant enclosure, the secured laser marking system can be integrated with a single connection to a PLC. It can be mounted to a robot head for presenting to a stationary part – or fixed in position allowing the robot to present the part for marking.

A maintenance drawer is provided for lens cleaning and built-in shock protection. The FIT tunnel can be adapted with three window sizes available as standard: 24 x 32mm, 100 x 32mm and 100 x 100mm. Custom sizes can also be accommodated.

FIT is available as a basic chassis or with protective covers, a cooling system, electrical cabinet and tooling. There is also an optional integrated Cognex vision system for 2D verification / validation or 3D lens for marking curved or angled surfaces.

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