Vision Engineering showcases latest Matis stereo microscope

Vision Engineering showcases latest Matis stereo microscope

One of the highlights of the Vision Engineering stand will be the third generation Mantis stereo microscope (pictured). It enables longer working distances for greater inspection versatility and easier access for re-working. The Mantis is just one of the range of stereo microscopes, digital 3D viewers and measurement systems available from the company. There are also PIXO / ERGO / IOTA variants with re-designed illumination and wider FOV provide enhanced image quality, says the company.

For higher magnification inspection, there is also the award-winning Lynx EVO stereo microscope and innovative 360 degree oblique / direct viewer. Digital cameras include the EVOCamII, with HD image quality, a suite of focus stacking and measurement software and easy-to-use remote controls. There is also the Makrolite4K with 4K UHD resolution and strong image contrast, particularly effective on reflective surfaces.

The metrology team will measure visitors’ components, demonstrating the accuracy, precision and ease-of-use of the FOV (TVM), large area video and touch probe (LVC) equipment.

Vision Engineering’s Surrey HQ has a new Emerging Technology department which complements the existing Manufacturing Services division. It has been established to provide design-to-production skills, enabling concept-to-prototype development and / or full production, sourcing and supply. Vision Engineering has also expanded its milling and turning capabilities and offers a full anodising service.

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