The art of powder coating by Powdertech

The art of powder coating by Powdertech

Intricoat is a precise, defect-free, intricate powder coating that is suitable for detailed, meticulously designed components. Powdertech Surface Science says it is powder coating founded in science and applied as an artform.

The company has been powder coating aluminium components for over 35 years. It notes that the increasing complexity and artistry of machined aluminium components in the UK means precise powder coating is increasingly required on advanced designs. The final stage, coating, needs to be planned, executed and successfully completed to meet tight deadlines to get a product to market.

Intricoat masking and coating is carried out in a dedicated laboratory-style facility within Powdertech Surface Science’s plant, which is used exclusively for handling small, complex components. Working in a separate facility enables conscientious attention to detail and quality control, adds the company.

Masking schemes are produced by CAD to ensure a a high degree of detail and accuracy and so that test parts are often unnecessary, claims the company.

Where specialist primers and coatings are required, thicknesses and tolerances are accurately measured and monitored in the laboratory.

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