Spread the message with digital signage

Spread the message with digital signage

Companies can unlock live data for company-wide communications using the LiveSpace digital signage system by LiveSpace MRG Systems Ltd (Digital Signage).

It’s a bit like having your own TV channel, says the company. It is possible to control what is shown, where, when and to whom. Content can be the same for everyone or tailored for groups. Unlike noticeboards and emails, live data from management systems keeps information up to date.It can be used to show messages to people within a business around the world and works with many media, for example, images, video, social media, PowerPoint and CSV imports.

Live data allows companies to share KPIs and targets, objectives, performance targets, share prices and new business wins. It can also be used to motivate, with mission and vision statements, team building events and training opportunities as well as internal vacancies.

Other uses are to promote health and safety and wellbeing support or to display personalised welcome messages to visitors, on-site safety briefings, directions or meeting room bookings.

The signage will be in action on the stand and demonstrations can be booked for after the show.

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