Six of the “test” showcased at Southern Electronics 2014

Six switching modules and chassis will be showcased by Pickering Interfaces at Southern Electronics 2014. They are the PXI RF solid state 6GHz multiplexers, 3U 16A PXI switching modules, 5A PXI power multiplexer module, 32-channel PCI digital I/O card, an upgrade to the LXI modular chassis and an upgrade to a PXI microwave multiplexer.

Pickering preview_tmb The 40-883 PXI RF solid state 6GHz multiplexers include an SP8T (8:1) MUX occupying two PXI slots and an SP16T (16:1) MUX occupying three PXI slots. Each MUX uses solid-state switches for a fast switch operation time of 50µs. Designs are optimised for VSWR performance and insertion loss. Each multiplexer can handle up to +30dBm of signal power and signal frequencies from 10MHz to over 6GHz.

The 40-161 3U 16A PXI switching module is capable of switching currents up to 16A and voltages up to 300V DC/250V AC with hot switch power of 480W at 30V DC and 4000VA at 250V AC. It is available with configurations of 16, 12, or 10 SPST, or 12 or six SPDT relays.
The 40-651 5A power multiplexer module is a high density multiplexer capable of hot switching up to 5A and 110V DC/250V AC; and the hot switch power is up to 150W or 1250V AC. Configurations are a single 48:1, a dual 24:1, a quad 11:1 and an octal 5:1 multiplexer.

The PXI microwave multiplexer upgrade, the 40-784A, supports one, two, or three microwave multiplexers, which can be ordered as four- or six-way. Multiplexers are characterised for bandwidths of 6, 18, 26.5, or 40GHz and all models occupy just two 3U PXI slots.

The LXI modular chassis upgrade, 60-102B and 60-103B, increases the Ethernet interface speed from 100Mbit to 1Gbit, and add an IP display that shows the IP address of the chassis.

Finally, the 50-412 is a PCI 32-channel digital IO card, capable of driving high current loads and reading back the logical state of high voltage logic signals. Each channel is capable of sourcing 0.4A or sinking 0.5A at voltages up to 50V and has protection circuits that prevent over voltage, over current or thermal overload from occurring.

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