SeSemi Electronics uses network to procure electronic components

SeSemi Electronics uses network to procure electronic components

UK-based electronic component distribution company, SeSemi Electronics, procures electronic components for customers. These can be for long-term or short-term production schedules, complete component kitting or the company can support with obsolescence and difficult to find parts.

SeSemi works with OEMs and CEMs across the globe, covering many industries within the electronic design and manufacturing sectors. It says it is committed to providing cost-effective solutions and partners with several manufacturers, each offering a wide array of electronic components and technologies.

In addition to the distribution of electronic components the company also provides comprehensive support from the initial design phase to full-scale production.

In addition to a robust global network, the company has a wealth of industry knowledge and a stringent quality management system that enables it to meet the dynamic demands of the market, ensuring it effectively meets the needs of customers in the ever-evolving world of electronic component supply.

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