Fabrication shop is created to support Bloodhound test runs

Bott review_tmbThe Bloodhound world land speed record attempt has been supported by Bott from its earliest days, with products installed in the car assembly workshop in Bristol. The company believes this project is crucial in inspiring future generations of UK engineers.

Clive Woodward, CEO, said: “This program has successfully reignited the pioneering passion that drove Britain’s engineers to lead the world in the 19th and 20th centuries . . . This project is more than just breaking records, it is about setting new positive perspectives for our society,” he added.

The latest milestone was the recent test runs at Cornwall Newquay Airport. After a month of testing the integration of the EJ200 jet engine, the steering, brakes, suspension, data systems and other functions, the Bloodhound car blasted down the 1.7m long runway, hitting a peak speed of 210mph in just eight seconds!

In the build-up to the test runs, the team set up a temporary workshop inside a hardened aircraft shelter (HAS) on the edge of the airport. A number of Bott products were relocated to replicate workshop facilities at the technical centre in Bristol. Using benches and mobile drawer cabinets, the Bloodhound engineers created mechanical systems bays around the car and a fabrication shop, supporting minor repairs and adjustments for pre/post run engineering checks. Large cupboards and cabinets provided safe storage facilities for critical equipment such as the steering wheel, cockpit canopy and car wheels.

The next stage of the project is in the South African desert.

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