Conductive foam from Kemtron shows its colours

Conductive foam from Kemtron shows its colours

Conductive foam, comprised of low-density PET and polyurethane foam, which is copper and nickel coated throughout, give x, y and z axis low resistance electrical conductivity for excellent EMI shielding performance when used as an EMI gasket, says Kemtron.

The low compression sheet gasket material is suitable for die cutting to bespoke shapes or slitting for gasket applications such as I/O panels, backplanes, connectors, access panels. It is available in thicknesses of 1.5, 2.3 and 3.4mm and rolls up to 560mm wide with or without conductive transfer adhesive. It has volume resistivity of 0.013Ω-cm and can give a shielding performance of up to 80db at 100MHz and 103db at 1GHz at a recommended compression of 30%. It is UL94V-1 flame retardant and suitable for where low compression is required. It will not provide an environmental seal but will limit dust ingress.

At Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2020, the company also showed its flame retardant nickel graphite conductive elastomer. Tested and approved to the international standard UL94V-0 by Underwriters Laboratories for flame retardancy, file number E344902.

The SNG-FR material is a nickel-coated graphite loaded into silicone elastomers. The gasket provided a highly electrically conductive path between mating flanges of an electronics equipment enclosure giving a high level of RFI/EMI shielding. The material can be supplied as an extruded strip in various profiles, O rings or flat die cut gaskets. Electrically conductive pressure sensitive adhesive can be applied to flat gaskets to aid assembly.

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