China base for British-managed manufacturing

ChinaSavvy preview edit_tmbFounded in China in 2003, Chinasavvy Manufacturing Company is a British owned and managed manufacturing company based in Guangzhou, southern China. The lessons learnt from establishing a factory operation, reflecting the highest Western standards in a Chinese context, were to become the essential ingredients in its management philosophy, in which its core business is the timely, cost-efficient, and quality-compliant delivery of products.

At Southern Manufacturing 2018 the firm showcased products and services in several fields of engineering production: castings, precision machining, metal fabrication, plastics and carbon fibre.

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, it can undertake a wide range of metal casting projects, using a number of casting methods (sand casting, die casting, permanent mould gravity casting, investment casting, lost foam casting and shell casting). High quality, low price, precision machining services use a variety of CNC and NC machines, and the company offers a range of metal fabrication processes (hot, warm or cold), using cutting edge tools and methods.

This year plastics and carbon fibre production has been added to its range of services.

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