Advanced manufacturing solutions from Carfulan Group

Advanced manufacturing solutions from Carfulan Group

Southern Manufacturing 2022 exhibitor Carfulan Group is a highly accredited reseller of four advanced machinery brands: OGP, Vicivision, Zoller and Stratasys. They deliver high-quality metrology, turned part measurement, tool pre-setting and inspection and 3D printing respectively.

OGP UK and Vicivision UK specialise in metrology equipment and turned part measurement, assuring workpiece accuracy and tolerances within micron precision. Sensors and optical equipment detect the slightest details and map them thoroughly with the help of powerful software.

Zoller UK is an expert in the measuring, inspection and fast pre-setting of machine tools. It facilitates industry 4.0-ready, interconnected floors where networked data and automation ensure a level of efficiency for rapid returns on investment.

SYS Systems pioneered fused deposition modelling. It industrial-grade polymers and commitment to controllable quality ensures that Stratasys machines produce repeatable, reliable parts.

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