‘Smart’ TFT displays from Midas accelerate development time

‘Smart’ TFT displays from Midas accelerate development time

 New products from Midas Displays showcased at this year’s show will include smart TFT displays with CAN bus interface and RGB LCDs.

Easy-to-use, smart, TFT displays increase the speed of product development, says Midas Displays. Demand for ‘smart’ displays is increasing, with project times shortening, putting pressure on businesses to get an idea through the design process, and into production as soon as possible and to market ahead of competition. A GUI builder is available to help speed up development, enable customisation and allows the customer to simulate the project on the PC.

RGB LCDs which display black characters, or dots, on an RGB backlight, which allows the user to choose any single colour for the backlight. LCDs are traditionally offered as one colour text, or graphic, on a single colour background. These displays give the user more freedom with how the display will look in the application, as the backlight on these displays are full-colour RGB. The ability to choose any single colour as the backlight also gives the user the option to use the display to suggest status within an application, such as hot or cold.

There will be demos on display and the team is looking forward to helping customers with their designs using existing, and new, display technology.

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