RF Solutions unveils radio module with 20km reach

LoRa radio modules and the new Hirk modules were showcased at this year’s show by RF Solutions.

The Lambda 62 RF module is an 868/915Mhz LoRa transceiver, featuring the Semtech SX1262 LoRa providing a range of 20km+. Visitors also saw the Lambda 80, a long range LoRa RF module operating at 2.4GHz and featuring the Semtech SX1280 LoRa spread spectrum. It is claimed to be the only world-wide licence-exempt fband model. The efficient, affordable modules enable new applications never previously realised, added the company.

The Hirk AM miniature modules provide a four channel radio receiver and decoder with serial data output. They consist of a high performance super-heterodyne RF receiver with the secure Keeloq protocol digital decoder which is suitable for general remote control system applications as well gates and garage doors.

The West Sussex company has been manufacturing RF modules and remote control systems for the past 29 years and says it is the UK’s leading supplier of RF remote control and telemetry systems.

RF Solutions