PVD coatings to extend tool life

PVD coatings to extend tool life

PVD coatings for machining, wear and decorative applications will be highlighted by Hardcoating Technologies at Southern Manufacturing 2022. The company supplies PVD coatings to a spectrum of industries. PVD coatings extend the life of tools due to its high hardness and wear resistance, says the company.

HiPIMS technology allows it to offer some of the highest performing PVD coatings available in the UK. This coating process results in a smooth surface structure which allows for better release and wear properties on mould and forming applications. The company also offers HTB-TiB2, an alternative to DLC. This coating offers a very hard surface at around 4,000Hv and a low friction co-efficient of 0.1μ which lends itself to any wear and sliding applications.

A re-grind and re-coat service is also offered for all tools such as drills, endmills and reamers. The service re-grinds and protects with a coating suitable to the material that is being machined.

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