Protect data with Nexus memory devices

Protect data with Nexus memory devices

Two new products from Datakey will be shown by Nexus Industrial Memory at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2019

The Read-only DFX PC adapter is the latest addition to the DFX RuggeDrive series of secure digital (SD) memory devices. It works with memory tokens, which are SD cards moulded into the manufacturer’s proprietary token form factor. When plugged into a computer’s USB port, the adapter prevents modifications or deletions to the data stored on the inserted memory token.

The company will also be showcasing the latest addition to the secure memory line, a microchip crypto-authentication IC moulded into a Datakey rugged removable memory token (pictured).

Security features coupled with the physical security provided by the specialised connectors make this token ideal for applications such as device authentication / counterfeit protection, secure firmware updates and crypto ignition keys.

There is also a chance to win a rare Nixie Tube clock.

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