POP along to CT Production at Southern Electronics 2013

Five pence_tmb Today, miniature circuits are everywhere, in hearing aids, trackers and communications devices. To satisfy this growing demand for smaller and smaller electronic devices, Southern Electronics 2013 exhibitor, CT Production, recently installed a high precision surface mount machine that is capable of placing 01005 components, 0.3mm IC lead pitches, BGAs and QFNs.

The iineo 2 offers high flexibility in a surface mount machine, with the ability to also place stacked Package on Package (POP) devices. It has proven extremely valuable with the increased demands to produce new products containing the very latest technology.

Another recent acquisition is an AOI machine that can reliably inspect for solder joint quality as well as for verification of component presence, type and orientation. Five, 10 mega-pixel cameras allows multi-angle high-definition viewing, dramatically reducing the time for verification of fast-track prototypes and first offs. Together with the experienced staff at CT Production, these enable reliable thresholds of pass/fail criteria to be established. This not only applies to device presence, orientation and type, but also a massive leap in confidence in its automated solder joint inspection.

Visit CT Production at Southern Electronics 2013, or go to http://www.ctproduction.co.uk/ to find out more.

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