PCB assembly services from Corintech stretches from east to west

PCB assembly services from Corintech stretches from east to west

PCB assembly services have been at the core of Corintech’s business for over 40 years. The company, which exhibits at Southern Manufacturing 2022,  says it achieves the lowest cost possible for the highest level of quality and prompt delivery to a wide range of customers. Services range from initial concept design support through to end production and every stage in between, including PCB design, component procurement, mixed assembly and functional testing.

All products are manufactured and delivered in accordance with AS9100 and ISO9001 accreditations.

Specialisms include pick and place of surface mount components (down to 01005 and uBGAs), automated conventional through hole soldering, serialisation and barcoding for full traceability, conformal coating and encapsulation and wire bonding. These services can be carried out using a range of substrates including FR4, T-clad, steel, and ceramic substrates. Thick film hybrid circuits use ceramic substrates to offer increased reliability and durability in the harshest of conditions.

The UK headquarters in Hampshire can provide electronics manufacturing for fast turnaround of low and high volume PCB assemblies, while the Hong Kong site allows customers to take advantage of Far Eastern high volume and low source-cost production without compromising on quality. Purchasing teams in the UK, the Far East and the USA are able to obtain the lowest prices and track down components that are often hard to source. The procurement process is fully traceable because the company purchases from franchised distributors or component manufacturers directly.

The team will be on hand to discuss outsourcing a design and/or manufacture of upcoming or existing electronics projects

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