One-stop service for labelling projects

GSM Graphic Arts preview_tmbSamples of GSM Graphic Arts’ range of bespoke product labelling solutions captivated visitors to Southern Manufacturing 2018; examples covered everything from vinyl labels to anodised aluminium and etched stainless steel nameplates, 3D logo badges to graphic overlays and control panels.

The company offers a one-stop service, with experience gained from over 40 years in manufacturing. Whether rugged barcode labels, serial and rating plates, graphic overlays or 3D product logo badges the experienced sales team will listen to your requirements and ensure a product specification for the particular application.

It can also provide an in-house artwork and design service to ensure that not only do labels contain the required information but they look great on a product. Using the latest high resolution digital printing capability, it can reproduce full colour logos as well as unique data, either under-surface printed on plastic or fully anodised and sealed into aluminium.

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