New MASTER drag chains from Kabelschlepp Metool,

MASTER_drag_chains_tmbThe new MASTER drag chains will be the highlight of the Kabelschlepp Metool stand at Southern Manufacturing 2018. The LE60/LE80 and the new divider system TS3 allows more internal space.

Master drag chains, the LE0 and LE80 from Kabelschlepp Metool, meet the heterogeneous demands of Industry 4.0 applications. The cable carrier drag chains LE60/LE80 have the TS3 divider system. The reduced wall thickness means customers benefit from more interior-space compared to the previous drag chain. This achieves a vertical space saving of 50% and 37.5% in the horizontal space. At the same time, they are easy to open and fill, for time-saving harnessing from all sides, adds the company.

The drag chains combine space-saving, flexible inner distribution with very quick opening. The space-saving separators are available in 33 lengths, allow inner distribution across five levels, while locking dividers ensure permanently tight seating. This series offers quiet, weight-optimised drag chains with a favourable ratio of inner to outer dimensions. The fixable dividers ensure they are suitable for arrangements laying on their side and high lateral accelerations. Plastic stays makes this the first full plastic version. In combination with a support tray or guide channel and Traxline cables, the cable carrier drag chain series forms a ready-to-install system which is available as a pre-assembled TotalTrax complete system, including connectors.

Meet Kabelschlepp Metool on stand M260 or visit to find out more