Low pressure overmoulding protects PCB and cable assemblies

Southern Electronics exhibitor EC Electronics has developed an innovative Low Pressure Overmoulding technique (LPO) to help protect PCB and cable assemblies from the effects of damage caused by moisture, physical damage and hazardous environments.

EC1 Using process-specific moulding machines, the LPO injection process uses low viscosity ‘hotmelt’ adhesives applied under low pressure to protect electronic components on PCB and cable assemblies where sealing and strain relief is needed. The mould tooling is manufactured from aluminium to keep the initial costs low and lead-times short, says the company.

For many applications, LPO has replaced more complex, time consuming processes such as potting, where a separate housing is required and a two part moulding compound ( e.g. epoxy resin ) is often used. Another benefit is that it gives off no toxic fumes and is therefore a clean, environmentally friendly process. The simplicity of the process also enables more complex mould designs.

At the show, the company will be moulding sample parts, to show effectiveness and to demonstrate how it can be used in an end product design.

LPO is part of the company’s turnkey CEM (contract electronics manufacturing) service which encompasses the whole assembly, including PCB and cable assembly, electrical test and overmouldings.

For more information visit EC Electronics on stand D70 or go to www.ecelectronics.co.uk