Intelligent lifting is intuitive

Intelligent lifting is intuitive

Workplace improvements to health, safety and ergonomics will be spotlighted by Yaplex. Among the systems on display at this year’s show will be the Solution electric balancer. This provides zero gravity lifting and automatically senses the weight of the load and adjusts the balance accordingly (float mode). It provides intuitive operation and optimum ergonomics, says the company, making it suitable for high speed and precise operations.

The Flexi range of lift assists are a cost-effective alternative to pneumatic or electric balancers. They feature single hand operation with infinity variable speed control. The lift and lower controls are operated using thumb throttles, providing intuitive operation.

Described as revolutionary, the Industrial Manipulator is for use with offset or acentric loads for where goods or products are too heavy to manoeuvre by hand. It is a handling system for all assembly processes, machine loading, press loading and oven loading.

Finally, vacuum tube lifters are easy to use and extremely versatile and can be used in almost any application where heavy loads need to be lifted.

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