High pressure DC blowers by Micronel

High pressure DC blowers by Micronel

High pressure and suction miniature DC blowers will be showcased by Micronel at Southern Manufacturing 2022. Visitors can see updated ranges of compact, energy-saving, miniature DC fans and blowers aimed at a wide variety of medical, industrial and process control, pressure, or suction/vacuum applications.

The latest product introductions are tailored to the engineering needs of two of the biggest challenges for 2022: the disruption and aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic and the climate and energy emergency.

High pressure medical blowers and turbine products are suited to a variety of critical Covid-19-related applications, such as breathing therapy, ventilators, respirators, personal protection, ICU hospital beds, air purification, disinfection, air sampling, laboratory, diagnostic and test equipment. All of these require some form of air movement with significant pressure or suction (vacuum) to force air through tubes or chambers or overcome system/ filter resistance.

The company‘s industrial blowers can be considered energy and space saving alternatives to bulky side-channel blowers and compressed air sources. The 24V DC brushless DC (BLDC) motors use a fraction of the power of larger side channel blowers, which typically use over 2kW, and have much lower running costs when compared to costly compressed air systems. In most factory applications, the U100 blowers will pay for themselves after only a few months of operation through reduced electricity and energy costs.

The compact DC blower range features a full aluminium IP67 housing, an efficient BLDC motor with integrated electronic driver, M16 connector and has G ¾–inch pipe threads for a 32mm hose connection. The housing complies with IP67 with connected suction and discharge ports. A range of accessories includes air knives, adapters, filters and cables. The U100H4 can generate over 180mBar (18,000 pascals) of pressure and achieve free blowing air flow of 900 litres/min (54m3/hr) all from a very compact package of 107 x 107 x 118mm. There is a built-in BLDC driver circuit, FG frequency (tacho) signal output, on/off control by logic signal SP (set speed), locked rotor protection (one min), ESD protection 16kV and NTC temperature sensor outputs from the motor.

In addition to blowers and fans, the company offers a wide choice of standard, slim fans, axial fans and high pressure radial blowers from UK stock. It also provides technical design support for modified products and client specific designs.

All the latest products will be on display including working demonstrations.

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