Handheld scanners from GTX fastrack reverse engineering

Handheld scanners from GTX fastrack reverse engineering

Handheld 3D scanners by Shining 3D can be seen at the GTX Europe stand at Southern 2022. They offer high-quality data capture with a low cost of ownership. There are also innovative software bundles for an easy route into reverse engineering and additive manufacturing applications.

Einscan handheld scanners optimise workflow by rapidly producing precise digitisations of medium and large objects for reverse engineering or CAD, inspection. Portable 3D scanners can navigate around larger objects including, cars, engines, interiors, and bodies to collect data.

The lightweight and ergonomic EinScan H and HX provide the versatility, speed, and accuracy to tackle larger objects such as vehicles, humans and furniture. The Pro 2X 2020 and Pro HD are multi-functional models, combining portability with precise data capture of smaller items when used with the tripod which is available with the industrial pack.

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