Fractory takes sheet metal fabrication into the cloud

Fractory takes sheet metal fabrication into the cloud

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2020 exhibitor, Fractory is a UK company that has taken sheet metal fabrication online. Its cloud-based manufacturing platform lets customers upload CAD drawings or 3D models for instant pricing. Its proprietary algorithms calculate quotes in seconds, which the firm says significantly speeds-up procurement processes.

Launched in the UK in early 2019, its growing customer base can access its free online quoting system for comparing the costs of manufacturing for different solutions. At the same time, the firm says that the opportunity to manufacture without the need for drawings frees-up about 20% of an engineer’s time.

Fractory’s platform has partnered with over 30 manufacturing companies all over Europe, including the UK. Having such a network of pre-vetted production partners enables short lead times and competitive prices for any kind of order, as there is a lot of capacity on offer. Its aim is to greatly reduce machine idle times for manufacturing partners, whilst offering its customers all their production requirements in one place. Fractory provides services from laser cutting to tube cutting, metal bending and surface treatment, and takes full responsibility for each step – from quoting and manufacturing to delivery.

Improving efficiency in the manufacturing industry, Fractory often acts as the procurement department for SMEs. Companies without the necessary in-house capacity can turn to Fractory’s platform that automatically chooses the most appropriate manufacturing partner for any particular job.

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