Ducting turbocharges acoustic performance

Ducting turbocharges acoustic performance

Lightweight air ducting for the automotive market is offered by the Avon Group. The company’s Airflow twin sheet polyethylene and polypropylene air ducting is light, flexible, thermally efficient and acoustically superior to conventional blow-moulded, rubber and plastic ducting, says the company.

It has NVH qualities with zero rattle and squeak and is proven to reduce airflow noise, claims the company.

Its thermal efficiency means that it requires smaller HVAC units to achieve its output in vehicles and is also 75% to 90% lighter than rigid plastic ducts.

Airflow is hydrophobic to reduce condensation build-up compared with conventional, rigid plastic ducts and is resilient to prevent the build up of bacteria in the vehicle, as well as to eliminate smell and fogging.

Avon Group also produces moulded rubber products, acoustic materials, e.g. non-woven, fleeces, foams and heavy layers for industrial applications and the design, tooling and manufacture of plastic mouldings for industrial and engineering applications for customers in the UK, Europe, China, India and Brazil.

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