Drop into the StrainSense stand at Southern Manufacturing 2013

MS5561_SkyDive(1) Southern Manufacturing exhibitor StrainSense announces that it is now the UK distributor for MG-Sensors, a major manufacturer of many sensor types for Crash Test Dummies.  Sensor types include force, torque, angular velocity, tension and compression. Comparison charts are available and Strainsense promises it is competitive on delivery.  The new products join the firm’s impressive line-up of sensors, which includes linear potentiometers, the DOG2 MEMS dual-axis inclinometer and the MS5561C micro-pressure altimeter sensor, which packaged with the ALTITRACK™ sport altimeter, provided Felix Baumgartner with key altitude measurements during his recent record-breaking skydive.

StrainSense has also recently added the Rebel LT high speed data logger to its instrumentation range. This is a condensed version of the Rebel XT, with a lowered price, and works with StrainSense’s FPS Sensor for a complete remote monitoring solution.

The applications for StrainSense devices are virtually limitless – drop into the StrainSense stand at Southern Manufacturing 2013 or visit http://www.strainsense.co.uk/

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