Design your way around chip shortages, says Ignys

Design your way around chip shortages, says Ignys

Awareness of the challenges of the global chip shortages are becoming more prevalent but not the ways in which to tackle it, says Ignys. The electronics design and software development consultancy is approached on a regular basis by perplexed companies.

It advises several ways to get ahead. Firstly, design for availability. Rather than designing a product and then sourcing parts, commit to parts before starting the design.

Planning to just make 20 units to test the waters is not the viable option it used to be. Allow for extra design time and part costs in the budget. Electronic engineers are taking longer to design as they hunt for available parts and use manufacturers they are less familiar with. As demand far outweighs supply, parts are more expensive, so plan as far ahead as possible to assess how many products are needed, advises the company. Also, sense-check if the product will still appeal in a few years and will be relevant in the future.

Finally, get advice from the people who are dealing with this situation on the frontline. Electronics design specialists and CEMs can provide you with advice and expertise from the start. Remember you are not alone, there is a great network of electronics professionals out there going through the same thing.

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