Design service realises prototypes

Design service realises prototypes

Design and manufacturing for bespoke and standard metal springs, pressings, wireforms, coil and gas springs are highlighted by European Springs and Pressings at Southern Manufacturing 2022.

There are two UK manufacturing sites, a standard product range of 12,000+ items and a balance of facilities, experienced engineers and thoughtful customer service.

The spring and metal component supplier has clients in the aerospace, automotive, defence, domestic appliances, electronics, hydraulics, lighting, medical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, scientific and telecommunications industries. It delivers an array of bespoke products that meet complex client-specific requirements.

A custom-tailored manufacturing process and in-house design service includes CAD/CAM software and systems which means the company can help realise a range of prototype ideas which can be individually cut using precision lasers for R&D testing or put into full production. The tool room can design and build any production tooling needed, for competitive pricing and consistent quality supply, says the company.

Whether you need a conventional compression, tension, die, disc or torsion spring, or want the most obscure spring clip or wire form imaginable, the company believes it is able to produce exactly what you’re looking for.

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