The health and safety of our exhibitors, visitors and staff is of paramount importance to ETES. As lockdown restrictions ease across the country and events begin to resume, ETES sets out its commitment to provide you with a safe setting to do business face to face in an exhibition environment that means so much to so many. ETES will observe both local and national government guidelines and laws as well as venue and event industry specific requirements. ETES commits to continually refresh its policy as the control of the pandemic decrees.


Venue: Farnborough International will work closely with ETES to ensure a rigorous cleaning regime throughout the entire event

Personal: Hand sanitizer stations will be available within all high traffic areas in the hall including entrances, exits, seminar theatres, catering areas and cloakrooms


Entrance checks: Where guidelines dictate, temperature checks will be carried out and if required by local government, we will undertake real name ID checks

PPE: Under current government guidelines, PPE for exhibitors, visitors and staff will be mandatory at the event. Masks and gloves will be made available upon request. In the interest of safety, access will be denied to anyone refusing to adhere to the wearing of PPE, unless they have a medical exemption. All PPE guideline information will be relayed in writing prior to the exhibition.

Sneeze guards: Plexiglass dividers will be used wherever possible for busy areas involving frequent face to face contact. Attendant staff will be provided with face visors and/or masks.

Medical Aid: Medical aid is provided by Farnborough International and if required by local authorities, dedicated areas will be provided for quarantine purposes.


Build up / Break down: ETES will issue guidelines prior to the event to assist exhibitors and contractors

Seminar theatres: All rooms will be prepared to comply with the social distancing measures active at the time

Personal contact: In accordance with the current national guidelines, a no handshake / no personal contact policy will be implemented. Printed material will be limited to a minimum and digital alternatives offered wherever possible.


ETES will follow national and local guidelines to adhere to the crowd density restrictions that are advised. ETES will work closely with the venue to monitor numbers of people in the venue at any given time. ETES will take measures to prevent overcrowding including, but not limited to altering the floorplan to ensure free flowing traffic, staggered visitor admission and whatever means necessary to comply with the guidelines.


As our commitment to your safety, ETES will continue to carefully follow all local and national government guidelines and will communicate changes and updates to our Covid policy via the website and by email. Full guidelines will made available for exhibitors in the exhibitor manual. Any questions or specific requests for information should be directed by email to