Connected system shows Industry 4.0 expertise

Heidenhain preview edit_tmbTo underline its expertise in Industry 4.0, Heidenhain GB presents its Connected Machining system of production at Southern 2018, in which all work steps, from the design to the deliverable component, are interlinked via one of the company’s TNC controls. Working on the premise that a workpiece is produced on a machine tool, the company believes information should be consolidated there and data on the status and quality of a workpiece must flow back into the production IT system. The machinist, who is responsible for the quality of components and for staying on schedule, needs to have access to all this data.

Two-way communication with a CAM system is facilitated by Remote Desktop Manager software. Using Batch Process Manager, the operator is able to monitor the NC program and tools, and schedule the execution of several production orders simultaneously. StateMonitor software captures data from machines, presenting a real-time view of their status and sends messages to computers and mobile devices throughout the company. Automatic workpiece measurement delivers quality assurance data for evaluation or archiving.

Visitors to the stand will also see a variant of the TNC 620 control. Instead of soft keys at the side of the screen and function keys and a numeric keypad below, operation is via graphics on a large touchscreen. There is the choice of a smartphone / tablet-style interface to operate this mid-range, four / five-axis CNC system for prismatic machining and probing.

Operation is via tapping, swiping and dragging motions on the screen. The interface speeds entry, location and manipulation of data, resulting in easy operation and tangible increases in productivity, says the company. An operator can zoom in or out and move or rotate graphics directly on screen dynamically and smoothly.

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