Compact transducer is for harsh environments

RDP Electronics preview_tmbLast year, RDP Electronics introduced the DCV and DCC Series of LVDT displacement transducers with user-friendly integral signal conditioning providing voltage (isolated supply) and 4.0 to 20mA outputs. At Southern Electronics 2018, it will introduce an alternative to integral signal-conditioning. The E74 series houses signal-conditioning in a compact in-line unit which is cost-effective, says the company, and allows the transducer part of the system to be specified to withstand very harsh environments including high temperature and radiation.

The UK company manufactures and markets transducers and instrumentation for the measurement of displacement, force, pressure and torque. It manufactures LVDT transducers and markets a range of industrial magnetostrictive sensors. The contactless technologies range from 1.0 to 7.6m.

For load cells (force or weight), fluid pressure and torque (reaction or rotating) it offers strain-gauge technology from Honeywell’s Sensotec and Lebow ranges. Load cell full scale ranges run from 250g to over 1000t. Pressure transducers (gauge, absolute or differential) are available from 35mbar to over 10000bar. Torque transducers and systems have full scale capabilities from 70mNm to 2500Nm.

Associated instrumentation offers analogue voltage, 4.0 to 20mA, RS232, RS485, SSI and a variety of fieldbus types. Additional features such as scalable displays, trips and data-logging are available.

As well as general industrial designs, it has established solutions for applications involving high temperature, radiation, high pressure and long-term subsea installation.

Design, development and manufacture takes place at its Wolverhampton factory, with the capability to design custom transducers to suit specific environments and applications.

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