CGTech unveils latest Vericut CNC machine simulation

CGTech unveils latest Vericut CNC machine simulation

The latest version of CGTech’s Vericut CNC machine simulation increases productivity and sustainability, says the company. Vericut 9.2 has improvements to collision checking as well as enhanced support for cutting tools with performance information and detailed tool reporting.

The company has also added a 3DLive interface to import GDML files, enabling users to quickly and easily create realistic digital machines and add other moving components (e.g., rotary tables, articulating heads, fixtures with moving clamps,) for more realistic simulation.

Vericut Force is a physics-based NC program optimisation module that can be used with optimised cutting operations. Force makes changes to the program based on the specific stock material, cutting tool properties, and machining conditions encountered during simulation.

Gavin Powell, CGTech UK technical director, says: “Users can view combinations of cutting conditions and force conditions, and compare the original versus optimised values in new graphs and tool use windows. These windows can also be docked in Vericut’s desktop for constant monitoring of machining conditions in real time during simulations. This visibility allows them to spot potential flaws and inefficiencies in machining, so they can adjust their strategies or optimise them before running the programs on their NC machines.”

Force can set a target chip thickness and any combination of force limits such as maximum force, maximum power, and maximum tool deflection. Users can also choose to “learn from graphs” to send optimisation settings to cutting tools, or change optimisation settings for corresponding cutters.

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