Bowers’ MicroGauge delivers big benefits

Bowers Metrology demonstrated its recently launched MicroGauge bore gauge at Southern Manufacturing 2013. With its ingenious two-point measuring system, the hand-held MicroGauge enables the accurate measurement of bores from 1.0mm to 6.0mm, the out put being displayed on the compact unit’s built-in digital readout.

 MicroGauge really lives up to its name, being only slightly larger than the average ball point pen. Yet despite its compact size, it’s very easy to use. Dimensions are instantly displayed when the device is inserted into a bore, and its two-point measuring system means that it can be used for an instant evaluation of ovality, taper and barrelling.

Various functions such as calibration and resolution selection are carried out via a two-button interface, and data can be transferred from the device via Proximity-RS232 or Proximity-USB connections. In common with other Bowers products, MicroGauge is available individually or as part of a set including a selection of heads and UKAS-traceable setting rings to enable it to be used with many different sized bores.

Steve White, CEO of Bowers, described the MicroGauge as "The most Bowers product launch for several years." The MicroGauge is said to have been enthusiastically received by users and distributors alike – not to mention being a big hit with visitors to Southern 2013.

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