ATC Semitec offers thermal fuses which resist ageing process

ATC Semitec offers thermal fuses which resist ageing process

One-shot fuses by PEPI are bi-metal thermal fuses that are not susceptible to the ageing process, says distributor, ATC Semitec. The ‘anti-ageing’ H series of bi-metal thermal fuses have an operating range of 130 to 280°C.

Conventional non-resettable thermal fuses either use a melting solder or sublimating organic pellet which are activated at a pre-determined temperature. Both mechanisms are susceptible to ageing which can cause them to prematurely open, leading to early life failure of an appliance or product.

Manufacturer PEPI has developed the highly sensitive H s of one-time thermal fuses which can be calibrated in steps of 5K with set-point tolerances as low as ±5K.

There are over 10 versions and eight plastic body types (suitable up to 260°C) available and two high temperature ceramic versions with calibrations up to 280°C.  Electrical loads of up to 15A/250V AC can be accommodated with different termination options to suit the application.

The small, compact design allows the fuses to be integrated into a wide range of products, from hair styling and other small home appliances, to coffee machines, catering equipment and industrial applications.

ATC Semitec