ATC Semitec adds ‘anti-aging’ one-shot fuses from PEPI

ATC Semitec adds ‘anti-aging’ one-shot fuses from PEPI

Addressing the problem of conventional non-resettable thermal fuses which use either a melting solder or sublimating organic pellet which opens at a pre-determined temperature, PEPI’s one-time thermal fuses provide thermal protection with calibrations from 130 to 280C. They are available from ATC Semitec (Stand J60).

Both the mechanisms used in conventional fuses are susceptible to aging, causing them to prematurely open in the field, explains the company. This can lead to early life failure of an appliance or product. For personal care and household appliances in particular, affecting the typical warranties of up to five years.

PEPI’s H one-time thermal fuses are available in calibration steps of 5K with set-point tolerances as small as +/-5K, for a longer life time, says the company.

There are 10 versions of the H series, with eight plastic body types (suitable for temperatures up to 260C) and there are two high temperature ceramic versions with calibrations up to 280C. Electrical loads of up to 15A/250V AC can be accommodated with different termination options to suit the specific needs of the application.

The small, compact design of the fuses enables them to be integrated into a wide range of devices and appliances, for exmampel hair-care stylers, coffee machines, to catering equipment and industrial equipment.

ATC Semitec is a UK distributor of temperature sensors from suppliers including PEPI USA, Heraeus, SeMitec and Matsuo.