Composites UK hosts Brexit discussion

Composites UK hosts Brexit discussion

The Materials Suppliers sub group of Composites UK is hosting a ½ day open meeting on 20th November 2019 at Make UK Technology Hub, Birmingham.

Learn about the implications of Brexit for the UK composites sector, including:

REACH legislation
Exporting and tariffs
Material Supply
Circular economy

Presentations will include an update on Composites UK initiatives with Sue Halliwell, Composites UK, a discussion of Brexit and implications for the UK Composites Sector with Tim Figures, Director of Industrial Sectors, Technology and Innovation, Make UK; Information of REACH and Brexit; Materials supply; Design for a circular economy; Development of sustainable materials and the Green Future of Advanced Resin Chemistry.

The event is free for the first two delegates if they are Material Suppliers Sub-Group Members:You can check if your company is a member of the sub group, here. To cost for regular Composites UK Members is £45 + VAT (Non-Members: £85 + VAT)

More information and registration here.