Rowse controls air supply in the cloud

Rowse controls air supply in the cloud

The latest technology for energy saving in compressed air was demonstrated by Rowse together with its range of intelligent energy efficiency modules.

The Festo MSE6 range of energy efficiency modules continually measure, monitor and control the air supply in compressed air systems. The intelligent service unit ensures compressed air is supplied according to the needs of the system and also helps detect if a leak develops. Providing compressed air only when needed, the energy efficiency module can save up to 20% of the current energy demand in machines.

During production downtime, the compressed air supply to a machine is shut off, preventing any air escaping through leakages on the machine. There is also an option for the module to be manually operated for switching the air supply on or off. For complex systems, the energy modules can have the automatic standby deactivated by a PLC signal.

The data from the modules is also available in the cloud through the IoT module. The cloud dashboard can be accessed from a PC, tablet or phone to see historical trending data.

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