Omnidex outsourcing goes global

Omnidex outsourcing goes global

Now with a new UK arm, British-owned and managed outsourcing specialist, Omnidex, says it has a truly global presence. Formerly known as ChinaSavvy, it has manufacturing, design and support facilities in Guangzhou, Jinan and Xintang (for intellectual property sensitive assembly), China, as well as in Vietnam, Hong Kong and the USA.

Its team of qualified mechanical and electrical/electronics engineers offers customers a choice of 73 manufacturing processes. As well as a burgeoning electronics department, it also delivers the highest quality metal and plastics engineering services to companies around the world.

While its prices are competitive, at no point does the company lower its commitment to the toughest world-class quality standards, the manufacturer has retained its ISO 9001 certification for more than 10 years.

In addition to machining, fabrication, metal casting, finishing, plastics and its Entrusted Care customer service, the company is strong on research and development, with many patented products developed by the company’s R&D department from concept to production.

The customer is always in control with weekly reports on the progress of an order, with communication via a multi-lingual team.

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